Type ~ Temperament ~ Tradition

Swissies are robust , vigilant and alert...
Consider thoughtfully what these
discriptions mean day to day.

In their native Switzerland they were known as
"The poor mans horse"
partnered with farmers to guard and drove cattle,and pull milk carts to town.

In these modern times your Swissy
will still need a job to do.
Early positive training and socialization are key.

All puppies are spoken for at this time.

​Next breeding will be Spring of 2017

Recent News and Pupdates!

SGCH CedarCoves M'Bers Blue Moon RN CGC
  • Select Dog - Eukanuba Classic 2014 &2015
  • Select Dog - GSMD National Specialty 2015

GCH CedarCoves Stack and Deliver Sirens Trick Cent
  • 1st Award of Merit - Westminster KC 2016
  • Owner Handled ranked #13 stats for 2015

Int/AM GCH CedarCoves O' Pretty Saphira WWD WWDX WWDS
  • All titles earned in 2015
CedarCoves Bone Collector
  • Best of Winners - GSMD National Specialty 2015

Int CH CedarCoves Suisse Heirloom WWD
  • Working Weight Dog earned 2015
  • International Championship 2015

CH CedarCoves Senntinel HCT
  • Herding Capability Tested GSMD NS 2015
  • ​New Champion 2016