Canine Elbow  Dysplasia (DJD)

By: Brigitte Rhinehart

The form most often diagnosed in Swissys appears to be DJD, a slowly progressive form of cartilage degeneration usually caused by trauma or abnormal wear on the joint.

DJD is classified as primary (idiopathic or no known cause)
or secondary (a known predisposing cause or injury exists). 

Anecdotal evidence suggests that most Swissys diagnosed with DJD during 
radiographs of the elbows for OFA certification fall into the mildest form grade I.

They have never displayed any clinical signs such as pain, stiffness, 
decreased range of motion or lameness.  With DJD, genetic predisposition cannot 
be established as definitely as with other orthopedic conditions. Hence, there 
is a wide range of opinions among  Swissy breeders with regard to breeding a dog 
affected with DJD grade I. There  is, however, general consensus among breeders 
not to use Swissys with DJD beyond  grade I as well as with any of the other forms of ED. 

  Manifested as: OCD, FCP (fragmented coronoid  process), UAP (ununited anconeal process),
DJD (degenerative joint disease, note  that DJD may also occur in the cartilage of other joints).