Our Foundation, Our Girls
CH Snowy Mountain Ideal WWD ROM 
Mom and I were gifted the opportunity to visit Snowy Mountain Farms.
We stayed with Norm and Dalena Christensen and "Embers" litter of puppies for 3-days before taking them all to puppy evaluations.

Evaluations were done by Bob & Pat Hastings using their designed
"Puppy Puzzle" method. 

Their evaluation of Cedar was that she was "the best bitch" the Christiansens had ever produced... So I grabbed her and ran, well rather mom drove us to the airport. Cedar was puppynapped into her new home.

Years later I showed under Pat Hastings, and Cedar won Best-of-Breed, Cedar's Son "Baron" took Best-of-Winners that day. While taking our win photo I reminded Judge Hastings about her comment at evaluations, she said "I still think so."

Thank you Norm and Dalena for trusting me with my beautiful heart dog Cedar. 
 She is the foundation for everything Swiss at CedarCove. ​   

  1. GCH CedarCoves Alarming Muse
    GCH CedarCoves Alarming Muse
    "SIREN" Alex x Topaz
  2. CH CedarCoves Kick N Ash HIT
    CH CedarCoves Kick N Ash HIT
    "EMBER" Kronk x Olive